Polypropylene Denim

Polypropylene, a material with antibacterial properties, is the lightest available fiber on earth. Even very bulky garments made in this material are astonishingly lightweight. This denim cloth features blue polypropylene thread woven into an indigo-dyed cotton warp. The result is a denim with a traditional appearance but a much lighter weight: it has the look of 19-ounce material but weighs only 10.
The jumpsuit, the outerwear pieces, the pants and backpack have undergone the DARK treatment, a manual sanding and light stone and enzyme wash.
Polypropylene Indigo Knit is made by weaving yarns, an innovative technique from the knitwear industry.For this project, a weave consisting of polypropylene and indigo-dyed cotton was specially created with a chain stitch construction.
The Indigo Fleece features WASH treatment